Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tea, Cake and Croquet: A Summer Afternoon in Costume, Warner House

Really, what could be a more delightful way to pass a sunny, early summer afternoon than drinking tea, nibbling on cakes and playing some rather aggressive croquet in the picturesque garden at The Warner House, Portsmouth, New Hampshire ( Warner House board chair, Sandra Rux; house manager, Jeffrey Hopper and your humble author, saw an interest in, and need for, historic spaces in the region to offer opportunities to costumers and reenactors from a number of historic eras to gather and enjoy events. Quite the convivial gathering, we hope for more in the near future.

Sarah, Jane & Hannah
S. Wordsworth Hemeon, photographer
Mistress and Master Spencer
SilkDamask photo
Rebecca models her dress - first opportunity to don her ensemble
SilkDamask photo
Julia, Sandra & Tara looking lovely
SilkDamask, photo
Sue brightens the room with her smile & 1930s sari
SilkDamask photo
Enjoying a chat in front of our absent host, Jonathan Warner
Amy Donle, photographer
S. Wordsworth Hemeon, photographer
For Portsmouth Herald article about the event by Jeanne McCartin,
 click here

For images by S. Wordsworth Hemeon, photographer, see The Warner House on Facebook

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  1. So disappointed that I missed this event. This is such a busy summer for me. Hope you hold something like this again. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time.


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