Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cake, Croquet and an 18th Century Afternoon

Cooper Ron Raiselis, in banyan & cap made by Tara Raiselis
It was just one of those perfect early summer days in June --a cheerful, convivial atmosphere, great friends old and new, a lush garden, with flowers in bloom and splendid costumes-- all set against a backdrop of a very special and significant historic house. The 1716 brick MacPhaedris-Warner House, a merchant's home, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, could just as easily be found in or around London. And yet, here the house stands, near the Piscataqua River. 

The third annual “Cake & Croquet: An 18th Century Afternoon” is a perfect accent to the theatricality of this Baroque survival. From croquet and Scottish country dancing on the lawn, to quiet conversations over tea and cake, the images below capture the day. Perhaps you will join us next year….

The Koski family and friend Hannah

Tara and Ron Raiselis
Jeffrey Hopper, Historic House Manager
All photos by the author 
For additional information about the Warner House,

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