Friday, February 8, 2013

Pink Indulgence: 1790s slippers & 1957 evening shoes

It appears that I am still feeling "in the pink" after the previous entry on Mrs. Eliza Hamilton, so decided to be indulgent by posting two lovely pairs of low heeled shoes or slippers from that ever-informative treasure trove, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The pair of pink silk slippers, c.1790s, are from the UK. They feature a leather sole, with a heel of less than 1 inch. There is no label or attributed maker. With scant information, we can step back and savor the slippers as the delicate pieces they are, illustrative of the aesthetic transformation from the early Georgian to the Neoclassical style. There is a profound shift in palette, texture, shape and style, as fashion morphed from weighty, bold, colorful and richly decorated footwear to lighter (in tone and materials), lower and more linear flats which accentuated the lines of Neoclassical dresses, pelisses, and shawls.

The pink evening shoes, 1956, were designed by the renowned Roger Vivier (French, 1913–1998) for the House of Dior. These richly decorated silk shoes incorporate metallic thread, plastic and glass, all supported on a a heel of just over 1 inch. They are gorgeous confections.

Evening shoes: Gift of Valerian Stux-Rybar, 1980 Accession Number: 1980.597.1a, b

Slippers: Irene Lewisohn Bequest, 1966 Accession Number: C.I.66.35.2a, b

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