Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Artistry of a Bespoke Shoe: Thyrsus by Iconoduly

I am delighted to introduce to SilkDamask readers the master artistry of Christopher-Calvin Pollard, Aesthetics Director for Iconoduly.  

Christopher-Calvin is a “luxury aesthetics philosopher, poet, tin typist, and designer of couture high heels.”  I think many of you will be intrigued by his company, which is dedicated to creating the finest and most prestigious adornments and exquisite objects in the world. More here

Of course, you will not find shoes like these at your local shoe shop.  Indeed, he crafts just one design for one pair of shoes a year, and production run is of a limited number. What is so compelling about his work?  For me, it is the thought process – based on the use of luxury materials, seen through an historic lens -- which he brings to his bespoke work. Pollard’s shoe for 2015 is named Thyrsus.  Images and specifications are below:

The 2015 ICONODULY adornment is available in a limited edition of 51 pairs world wide (each pair will be fire branded with its edition number. More:!thyrsus-2015/cee5

A solid Cocobolo wood heel; each pair hand carved by master sculptor Nairi Safaryan. Finished with 23K gold leaf and full leather heel pad.

Pine cone scales made of fine ostrich leg leather, each individually hand cut and stitched.

The insole wrapped in LELIEVRE PARIS silk & cotton embroidered fabric (5 colours to choose from)

Toe strap accented with 23K gold leaf leather crossings.

A hand stained outsole, echoing both the ostrich patterns and the grain of the Cocobolo, complete the 2015 THYRSUS

I look forward to seeing what Christopher-Calvin and Iconoduly create for 2016.

All photos are courtesy of Matthew Finley or Jeremy Pollard for Iconoduly.

THYRSUS was unveiled on the Facebook site:
Esprit XVIIIème: 

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