Saturday, January 5, 2013

Raw Data: 1802 Salem Gazette, Textile Advertisements for January 8th

Salem Gazette, Friday, January 8th 1802
Published Tuesdays and Fridays by Thomas C. Cushing

Back cover of bound volume for 1802 Salem Gazette
Collection of the author. Purchased at NorthEast Auctions.

Textile auction advertisements:

William Lang (1750-1821), Essex Street, Salem, MA. While there are a number of interesting items in this ad, note first: "A good chance for those who have cash" and second, in the 2nd paragraph "second hand clothing" is specifically listed. Lang had 12 children and his eldest son, William Lang, junior,  opened or ran another part of the family auction business from neighboring Front Street. The younger Lang appeared to handle more in the way of household furnishings including china, ceramics, serving vessels and so on.

Also in this issue, "Extra Long Kid Gloves...Fashionable coloured Silks..." sold at the shop of Benjamin Dodge, also on Essex Street. These were no doubt similar to the ones shown in this 1802 fashion illustration or these silk, satin and spangled early 19th century French gloves from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.


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