Monday, September 4, 2017

Textile Collages Take Center Stage in 'Encore Encapsulation' Installation by Lily Zane

“Everything a Circle” conveys the tedium and tiresome redundancy of woman’s handwork that so often adorns textiles throughout the ages — and how women enrich lives one small loop, stitch and quilt square at a time.
- Lily Zane
Textile artist and designer, Lily Zane, is a friend and colleague whose work never ceases to inspire me. She is taking part in New York Textile Month and has created “The Encore Encapsulations Interactive Exhibit” which “explores the relationship of artisanal textiles of past and present and our relationship to them. The intricate Encore Encapsulation textile collages are layered with an audio and visual component which demonstrate the ritual, functionality, adornment and our intimate relationship between what we own and what little we know about this stuff we call fabric. Our aim in examining the past and outlining the importance of the maker; we gain a greater understanding of the products we consume and live with and the importance of preserving our rich and diversified textile traditions and keeping them alive and vital.”

One of Lily’s collages which speaks to me and my love of textiles is entitled “A 
Woman’s Work is Never Done.”

 Check out Lily’s work September 26,27, 28 2017 @ Dave White Studio 873 Broadway Suite 605 / Dial 036 for entry NY, NY 10003

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