Sunday, October 20, 2013

Is it the shoe, the stocking or the skirt?

Each one of these vignettes from the Kyoto Costume Institute ( the ability to transform our vision of passive historic objects (albeit beautiful) into an opportunity for an imagined tete a tete, a secretive promenade, a grand entrance or a flirtatious encounter.
1. These red Moroccan leather shoes to have tremendous contemporary appeal. Not only would the high quality of the supple leather have conformed to the wearer's foot, the elegance of the higher-than-usual, slender Louis heel, would achieve the profile many women seek - then and now. Even the contrast of red shoe and white stocking is familiar to us. Most likely French, c. 1770s-1780s, they are from the ©The Kyoto Costume Institute, photo by Toru Kogure.
2. Delicate stockings of white cotton knit with silk embroidery on floral-pattern print from instep to ankle, contrast nicely with jewel toned shoes. Stockings and shoes, 1830s. Place of fabrication unknown. ©The Kyoto Costume Institute
3. Lovely and elegant to behold! Grape, burgundy & purple shoe and stocking combination, 1870-90.  ©The Kyoto Costume Institute

4. Detail, from a fully accessorized Georgian ensemble of silk with plaid, ribbons, lace. And delicious shoes.....©The Kyoto Costume Institute 

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