Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A 1925 Flapper-Style Wedding Dress; Worn in New Hampshire

Clare Hamel’s 1925 flapper-style wedding ensemble, included dress, hat, shoes and underslip, all of which have survived and are in the collection of the Newmarket Historical Society. The photograph shows the wedding party on Nichols Street, Newmarket, NH, with the smiling bride in her ensemble, holding an elaborate bouquet.

The tawny bronze silk dress is ornamented with gold-tone trims. The contrasting yellow cotton slip was worn beneath and must have created quite an effect, though hard to visualize today. The bride-to-be clearly selected the items for her ensemble with care and of the latest fashion.

Clare married Pierre Hamel at St. Mary Church, in Newmarket, New Hampshire on February 16th, 1925.

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