Monday, August 10, 2015

The Ultimate in Disposable Fashion? The Paper Party Dress, 1966-69

The fashion flash of paper dresses sizzled in the 1960s from about 1966-69. The ultimate in disposable fashion with no skills required. You need it shortened? No need to sew – just cut to the desired length. Need a new wardrobe for entertaining or a picnic? Just look at Hallmark or Scott Paper products. Need to coordinate an event? Buy a dress to match your paper goods!

Not only were they the ultimate of convenience, they came in bright floral prints, graphic imagery (such as Andy Warhol’s soup cans), or more formal tones for evening. I can only image how it might have been to pack for a week, tossing five paper dresses into your valise.

My sisters bought me this unopened dress, in its original packaging, as you can see from the photos. One wonders, with the advent of 3-D printing if we will see its likes again.

Exhibits & further information:
Paper dresses from swinging ‘60s show off planned obsolescence

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